We were lucky enough to visit Tallinn, Estonia, last Christmas; it’s a stunning city and the Christmas markets were beautiful. I remember seeing and eating a lot of smoked pork products; the husband… Continue reading


Eritrea gave me a dilemma; It’s next but one in my UN members list to Ethiopia and as far as I can tell from reading around there is little if any difference between… Continue reading

Equatorial Guinea

I did a bit of reading, as always, about Equatorial Guinea in general before researching food. It’s another West African country, on the Guinea coast, though further south than some of the other… Continue reading

El Salvador

Today’s lunch was supposed to be El Salvador’s national dish; Pupusas con Curtido. Pupusas are kind of thick, stuffed corn tortillas and curtido is a cabbage based slaw, slightly fermented in acid. I… Continue reading


Nothing fancy tonight, but most of the time simple is the best. I made Egyptian kofta’s; lamb and beef mince flavoured with allspice and cinnamon, served with yoghurt and pitta. This is a… Continue reading

Dominican Republic

The most exciting dish that caught my eye for Dominican Republic was the traditional breakfast called “Los tres golpes” or “The three hits” and seems like the Dominican version of the Full English… Continue reading


In my head, Dominica and Dominican Republic were one and the same, but after a little digging I found out Dominica is further east and is a much smaller country. Unless I’m muddled,… Continue reading


Another geography lesson for me here. After first learning how to pronounce Djibouti, I then managed to find it on a map, sandwiched between Eritrea, Ethiopia and Somali. It’s physically very close to the… Continue reading


In a recent poll, Danes voted ‘Pork and Potatoes” as their national dish. Yawn. In second place was the open sandwich Smørrebrød which sounded much more interesting to make and eat. We headed off… Continue reading

Democratic Republic of Congo

Congo and Democratic Republic of Congo come pretty close in the alphabet so I’ve recently made the national dish; Chicken Moambe, and I also feel I’ve made peanut and tomato sauces too many… Continue reading