Guatemalan food culture is based on a mixture of Spanish and Mayan cuisine. It’s national dish appeared to be a salad, so I immediately discounted it. I stumbled across tamales – little steamed… Continue reading


Grenada is a Caribbean island with lots of nutmeg plantations. Previously worked by West African slaves, after the abolition of slavery lots of indentured workers from India took over their jobs; these two… Continue reading


Greece is one of my favourite places in the world. We’ve visited the Greek islands many times and have always been impressed with the genuine hospitality of the Greek people. Taverna owners always… Continue reading


When I saw another West African country I was fully prepared for more ‘chicken in peanut sauce’ until I realised Jollof rice was a common dish and I hadn’t yet made it. I… Continue reading


All I can remember from my trip to Berlin is pork and potato. With a little bit of offal thrown in. And beer. A German-teacher friend of mine introduced me to a drink… Continue reading


I was quite excited to get to Georgia as I knew it meant one thing; DUMPLINGS. Anyone who knows me, knows that I have a dumpling problem. As soon as I found the… Continue reading

Gambia (Islamic Republic of the)

Gambia holds a special place in my heart, so although I knew it was going to be a chicken and peanut dish, it didn’t fill me with the usual woe. I’ve been fortunate… Continue reading


When I started researching Gabon and found their national dish was another chicken with peanut thing my heart sank. It’s not that I don’t like chicken with peanut, but it feels like every… Continue reading


For my French meal I opted for a breakfast of croque madame using¬†Comt√©. Unfortunately the supermarket was out of brioche last night so I had to use regular white bread which wasn’t as… Continue reading


For my Finish meal I made¬†Valkosipulikeitto – Garlic soup using this recipe. It’s very simple to make; chicken stock, beer, potato, and flavourings (cloves, thyme, parsley, bay and nutmeg) are boiled together then… Continue reading