Guinea Bissau

Guinea Bissau is yet another country in West Africa. Reading about it makes for sad reading; lack of education and illiteracy if rife and the death rate is high from preventable causes. Food availability is poor and rice is a staple.

Quite a few websites mention Paulet Yassa as being a dish eaten on special occasions: “September 12 is Amilcar Cabral’s birthday, a celebration that includes the eating of yassa, chicken prepared with mustard, citrus and onion.”
Amilcar Cabral was at the forefront of Guinea Bissau’s independence from Portugal. I’m eaten yassa before in The Gambia – it’s originally from a Senegalese tribe but has spread all over West Africa.

I marinaded some chicken thighs in lime juice, sliced onion and vinegar and then fried them off today with stock, bay leaf and chilli. Given the amount of flavour, this was really really easy to make. All the time taken was in the overnight marinade. Really tasty!


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