Grenada is a Caribbean island with lots of nutmeg plantations. Previously worked by West African slaves, after the abolition of slavery lots of indentured workers from India took over their jobs; these two diverse groups of people have both influenced Grenada’s cuisine.

This weekend we headed to Birmingham; I absolutely love it as a city. It’s got great architecture, amazing restaurants, some great bars and fantastic food markets due to the diversity of the people living there. I decided to get stocked up on some ingredients that are unheard of in Cheshire! The fruit and veg stalls were particularly awesome – yams, plantains, bread fruit, callaloo, cassava, okra, mango, papaya and scotch bonnet peppers were piled high.

While we were in Birmingham I did some research about what to make and came across a recipe for stuffed breadfruit. I’d never even heard of breadfruit so decided to try and hunt one down. I found a woman of Jamaican heritage on the market selling them and got one for only £1. Bargain! I also got some ‘seasoning’ from a Caribbean grocery stall in the Bullring market.


My recipe had me fry off meat (I used pork) with onion, 2 tbsp seasoning and 2tbsp tomato puree. I then had to hollow out the breadfruit, stuff it with the meat and bake. I thought the main problem to overcome was going to be how to roast a sphere but hollowing the thing out was the tricky part, resulting in a Uri Geller spoon-situation.

Breadfruit is supposed to taste liked baked bread; I don’t see it myself. It’s fruity tasting and reminiscent of something I can’t quite put my finger on. Overall, I loved the taste of the meat but was indifferent to the breadfruit. Interesting to work with it though!






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