All I can remember from my trip to Berlin is pork and potato. With a little bit of offal thrown in. And beer.

A German-teacher friend of mine introduced me to a drink called Spetzi on a trip to Boppard. It’s a 50:50 mix of coke and fanta which is surprisingly tasty. Had a glass while I was cooking up our meal.


For our meal we decided to have schnitzel, wurst, käsespätzle, and a german beer of course.

Schnitzel surely needs no introduction. The only question was the choice of meat; I’m on a mission to reduce my mammal intake and to try and be a little healthier so, in the absence of turkey in the supermarket, we chose chicken. Bashed the breast, dipped in egg and breadcrumbs and then baked (I know we should have fried, but see above!). The wurst was a standard supermarket job.

It was the käsespätzle I was most excited about making; the German equivalent of Mac’n’Cheese. The dough is made from flour, milk, egg and seasoned with nutmeg, salt and pepper.The dough is left to rest for a while and then forced through a colander (we used a potato ricer) into salted boiling water until it sets into soft noodles. The noodles are then coated in cheese (hence the käse) and fried onion.

Verdict: somethings are meant to be fried. The schnitzel was too pale (though tasty). Definitely needed some more colour on the plate – a bit beige. Tasty though boring to look at.



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