I was quite excited to get to Georgia as I knew it meant one thing; DUMPLINGS. Anyone who knows me, knows that I have a dumpling problem. As soon as I found the name for Georgian dumplings I stopped my research. I’m sure there are lots of other tasty foods from Georgia but who cares? They got dumplings.

Georgian dumplings are called Khinkali. These are larger than the standard dim-sum style Chinese dumplings and are boiled rather than steamed. Khinkali are filled with a 50:50 mix of pork and beef mince, onion and fenugreek. When boiled the meat juices are trapped within, leaving the dumpling delicious and moist. Apparently, traditionally the ‘knot’ at the top of the dumping is discarded.

I followed a recipe I found online for the dumpings and found they were incredibly easy to make. The skin is made from flour, salt and water and the filling is just pork, beef, onion and fenugreek. Lovely!