When I started researching Gabon and found their national dish was another chicken with peanut thing my heart sank. It’s not that I don’t like chicken with peanut, but it feels like every West African country I’ve come across so far eats it.

I then got in touch with my friend Paul, who travelled to Gabon recently and asked him what was popular over there. He quickly replied, “the local guys love fish and manioc and they have a lovely beer called ‘Regarb’.”. We joked about not being able to get hold of manioc in Cheshire but I knew there was an African shop in Chester which I’ve used before, which would almost certainly have manioc and possibly some beer, if not some African Fanta which is lovely.

We headed to Chester yesterday for a walk along amazingly diverse Brook Street, only to find the African shop had gone. Gutted! So I was back to square one. I tried to buy Regarb online to no avail and had no luck with manioc. To be fair, I could have taken a trip into Manchester for the manioc but didn’t. I had another research and came across a blog about African Street-Food which mentioned baked bananas. I’d recently done a similar dish for Equatorial Guinea but this one had the bananas egg-washed and dipped in breadcrumbs.

This ended being amazing! I love it! I sliced the banana length-ways and then halves dipped them in egg then in a mix of breadcrumbs and coconut. I then baked them for about 10 minutes and served them with yogurt (sour cream was recommended in the recipe but I didn’t have any in the fridge). This was really lovely and I’d happily make it again for a dessert or breakfast.


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