We were lucky enough to visit Tallinn, Estonia, last Christmas; it’s a stunning city and the Christmas markets were beautiful. I remember seeing and eating a lot of smoked pork products; the husband brought himself half a smoked pig’s face for about £1 before realising we only had teaspoons at the hotel to eat it with.

After a bit of reading around about Estonian food I found several people making these lovely little pasties called Pirukad. I thought they’d be good to make and freeze for my lunches at work (after eating some today for lunch). I made the dough this morning, and after it has risen rolled it into circles and cut them just over 3″ diameter. I then stuffed them with a mixture of fried bacon, minced beef, onion and mushroom.

I then brushed the pasties with egg and baked at 190c for about 18 mins. I ate a few of the lovely little parcels for lunch with some traditional sour cream, and the rest have been popped in the freezer to brighten up my lunchbox!



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