Equatorial Guinea

I did a bit of reading, as always, about Equatorial Guinea in general before researching food. It’s another West African country, on the Guinea coast, though further south than some of the other countries I’ve done so far. It’s the richest country (per capita) in Africa due to it’s oil production, though the UN estimate 20% of its children die before the age of 5.

It’s weath gave me some hope that I might find a more interesting meal to cook, as you know I’ve been getting a little tired of West African food. When I found ‘chicken and peanut sauce’ as a recipe there was a groan….

So, when I’ve struggled for inspiration I’ve had a look at breakfasts instead of main meals. I did that this time and found a Spanish inspired dish called Akwadu, influenced by Equatorial Guinea’s period of Spanish colonisation. Akwadu is bananas baked in orange juice and topped with coconut and honey. I left out the butter and most of the sugar as I thought it would be sweet enough with the orange juice and the fruit itself. The bananas we sliced lengthways, put in a baking dish, covered in the juice of an orange, sprinkled with coconut and I put 1tsp of brown sugar on top for colour. I baked for 13 mins at 200*c and then drizzzled honey on top. Really tasty! I’ll definitly make this again, possibly as a week-day breakfast as it’s so easy to make.


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