El Salvador

Today’s lunch was supposed to be El Salvador’s national dish; Pupusas con Curtido. Pupusas are kind of thick, stuffed corn tortillas and curtido is a cabbage based slaw, slightly fermented in acid. I tried to follow this recipe which I found online, but they were all quite simillar.

I say ‘supposed to be’… I’d planned this a while ago and ordered masa harina (corn flour) ages ago but when I tried to make it into a dough it was really gritty and wouldn’t form a ball. I think I must have ordered the wrong grade as it was reasonably large grains and the flour – water mixture just seemed like wet sand. I gave up on that and found some more masa harina in our flour box – it was 3 years out of date (!) and there was a tiny bit left but I gave it a shot – it worked slightly better but there wasn’t enough to do what I wanted.

The idea is that you make a dough, form a ball, stick your thumb in and fill the hole with filling – cheese, pork etc. You then flatten the ball out and roll it into a thick pancake before frying.

Luckily we had some corn tortillas in the cupboard so to avert a disater I had to use these instead and cheat :0


Curtido is served on top of the pupusas. It’s a mixture of cabbage, onion, carrot, dried oregano and lime juice (though some receipes use vinegar). It can be left to ferment for a while but I only left it a few hours. The lime juice softened the veg down nicely – this actually ended up really tasty! I like the way it soaked into the pupusas a bit. All in all, a bit of a cheaty meal but I tried!



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