Dominican Republic

The most exciting dish that caught my eye for Dominican Republic was the traditional breakfast called “Los tres golpes” or “The three hits” and seems like the Dominican version of the Full English – perfect for a Sunday morning! It’s a traditional meal eaten by workers before heading out for a long hard day and is comprised of fried cheese, fried egg, fried salami and Mangú.

Mangú is the star of the show; it’s basically boiled and mashed green plantain (much like you would a potato) topped off with fried red onion. Folklore has it that the name Mangú came from an American soldier stationed in Dominican Republic following the invasion in 1916 who tried to say “Man, (this is) good!” when he had his mouth full, but I suspect this is just a cute story and put more faith in the alternative version I found online:

“Boiled mashed plantains can be traced back to Africans in the Congo region who came to the island during the height of the slave trade. The original word was something akin to mangusi and referred to almost any root vegetable that was boiled and mashed.”


I read about this meal before checking photos on Google images too closely, and so have bought thinly sliced salami rather than the thicker chunks typically eaten. Also, the only cheese I could think of suitable for frying was halloumi so my “los tres golpes” will have a German and Cypriot influence…

FullSizeRender (1)


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