In a recent poll, Danes voted ‘Pork and Potatoes” as their national dish. Yawn. In second place was the open sandwich Smørrebrød which sounded much more interesting to make and eat. We headed off to the supermarket to buy some rye bread, butter and a range of interesting deli-style foods. We found two specifically Danish products; pickled herrings in dill and Castello blue cheese (we also got a 4 pack of Carlsberg).

Although there was no cooking involved, this was a really interesting exercise in sandwich design, thinking about getting as many flavours which complement each other together on one piece of bread! We made:

  • Blue cheese, pear and walnut
  • Cream cheese, lettuce, smoked salmon, prawns and lemon
  • Steak, blue cheese, red onion and pickled onion
  • Bacon chutney, lettuce and tomato
  • Herring, apple, dill and red onion
  • Lettuce, smoked salmon, radish and brown shrimp
  • Beef, lettuce and red onion.

They were SO tasty – so many flavours. We managed one and a half slices of rye bread each as it’s pretty filling so we have lots left over for lunch tomorrow. This is a definite one to do again.


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