Democratic Republic of Congo

Congo and Democratic Republic of Congo come pretty close in the alphabet so I’ve recently made the national dish; Chicken Moambe, and I also feel I’ve made peanut and tomato sauces too many times…. Cameroon and Chad both had similar dishes. I struggled to find anything exciting and different as a meal for Democratic Republic of Congo so thought I’d investigate street food or breakfasts rather than a main meal.

I came across a charity website telling the story of a street food vendor called Mama Ghislaine. She sells ‘Mikate‘ or Beignets; little balls of fried dough which are eaten as a Congolese breakfast. I loved reading her story of enterprise and wish her every success! I decided to make these as my Democratic Republic of Congo meal. We struggled a little bit to get them ball-shaped and to fry them for the right amount of time to cook the inside without burning the outside but for a first attempt they weren’t bad. We tossed ours in cinnamon and sugar. Not the most healthy of breakfasts but tasty nonetheless.


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