Confession to make… I didn’t realise Cyprus was a county. I thought it was an island with shared sovereignty between Turkey and Greece. I like this project because it’s really improving my world geography!


Not a huge amount of ‘cooking’ went into this meal – simple ingredients and great flavours which epitomises Greek and Turkish food alike. We had chicken soulvaki and halloumi cooked on the Kamado oven, served with a village salad and home-made tzatziki. We were a bit pushed for time this weekend so the pitta was shop bought. I wish it was easier to buy proper Greek-style pitta in the UK. We washed this down with a bottle of Keo. I thought I was getting bored of Greek Island holidays but this just made me want to go back… right now.

For dessert we made Baklava with the left over filo from our Croatian Burek. This was ridiculously simple to make – grind up some nuts with cinnamon, layer the filo and nuts, bake and pour over a syrup of sugar and honey.


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