Comoros was another country that tested my world geography. I’d kind of assumed it was one of the Caribbean islands, but it’s sandwiched between mainland Africa and Madagascar. When I’d got over the geographical hurdle, I began to picture exotic spices such as vanilla and saffron, and I wasn’t far wrong. Comoros has had wave after wave of settlers and so its cuisine has a great number of influences. Many of the recipes I found were in French, reflecting the most recent colonisation. I know quite a few people are doing similar projects to me and saw that most had chosen lobster in a vanilla sauce as their representative dish of Comoros. I didn’t want to alays end up doing the same as other people so I chose a couple of chicken dishes I liked the sound of; Poulet au Coco (coconut chicken) and Comoronian Chicken Curry. I couldn’t decide between them so decided to be a bit cheeky and blend flavours from both.

I fried off some chunks of chicken thigh in palm oil (which I’ve decided I officially don’t like, acquired taste or not – it’s gone in the bin) along with some onion, garlic and chilli. The curry was flavoured with cumin, saffron, cloves and cardamon which gave the dish a real fusty floral note unlike an Asian curry. The whole lot was stewed up with natural yogurt and coconut milk and served with rice.

comoros 1 comoros 2

All in all it was a pretty tasty dish – probably not one I’d make again but I’ll certainly hoover up the left-overs tomorrow!

comoros 3 comoros 4

I am now officially 20% through the project! It’s taken over 3 years to get to this point as I keep forgetting about it and, if I’m honest, putting off countries that don’t inspire me so much. It’s strange to think that at this pace I’ll be in my 50s by the time we get finished!


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