Central African Republic

3 African countries in a row…. tonight we ate a meal from Central African Republic. I chose Kanda ti nymabeef meatballs.

I used beef mince sourced from The Hollies farm shop, and added chopped onion, a red chilli, garlic and egg to bind. These were then fried off with more onions and peanut paste (the same one as I used recently, sourced from my visit to The Gambia). The meatballs were ok, but would have benefited from more of a kick… more garlic, or chilli next time I think. Some of the comments under other people’s recipes said that the meatballs need salt. I was intrigued to hear people from CAR reply, saying salt was too expensive and rarely used. This genuinely baffled me as I would assume if you could afford beef you must be able to afford salt. Would be good to hear about this from anyone in the know.

We served the meatballs with some rice and traditional Fufu – a paste made from plantain flour mixed with water. It’s made in much the same way as a roux, but without any fat. It tasted quite similar to instant mashed potato.

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