Burundi is a landlocked country in South East Africa. It is the fifth poorest nation in the world and also has the fifth highest birth rate. As a consequence of it’s lack of money, meat is rarely eaten and protein deficiency is common. Where the country borders Lake Tanganyika fresh fish is eaten. Burundi cuisine mainly consists of plantains, beans, sweet potato and cassava. However, trying to suggest a meatless-meal to my carnivorous husband never goes down well so we opted for something else.

Burundi was occupied by Belgium for some time and Belgian cuisine has left a notable influence on the food eaten today especially in the cities. One of the most popular fast-foods is Brochechette which are skewers containing goat, beef, chicken or offal along side onion and pepper. These are grilled and served with Frites and beer. Primus and Amstel are popular beers brewed in the country.

kebab cooked     kebab2

Desserts are not typically served with meals but fresh fruits such as pineapple are eaten regularly.


This meal didn’t feel traditionally African but it was delicious nonetheless!