Belize is an amazingly diverse country due to immigration, colonisation and slavery throughout its history; this has had a knock on effect on its culinary history. Having recently completed a few other countries in the same geographical area I was keen to try something different from the region. Inspired by a blog I read about a lady cooking breakfasts from around the world (unfortunately I can’t find the link again to reference her) I thought I’d have a go at a Belizean breakfast.

Breakfast in Belize consists of a fried dough called Fry Jack (the plural remains Fry Jack, rather than Fry Jacks in the creole language), served with cheeses, beans, eggs, sausages and meats. Coffee is the usual accompaniment along with fruits. I’m a huge fan of mangoes which are grown in Belize so enjoyed a large glass of mango juice.

mangoThe Fry Jack are made from flour, baking powder, vegetable shortening and water. The ingredients are mixed, kneaded and rested in the fridge (I left the dough overnight last night). The dough is then rolled out and fried in vegetable oil. The Fry Jack puff up and float; they can then be fished out and drained.



We made scrambled eggs in a traditional way with green chillis and served with with sliced spiced sausage and cheese.


More recently, Fry Jack have started to be served with honey or jam, so of course, we had to try this out too. It was a really tasty breakfast and nice to try a different meal type for a change!

fry jack     jam



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