Bit of a lame attempt this time I’m afraid due to being far too busy enjoying the sun (not that I’d have it any other way).

Having read up on Austrian cuisine the obvious thing to make was Wiener Schnitzel vom Schwein which I’ve made lots before so this wasn’t a new and exciting experience. We used panko breadcrumbs which give a nice crunch. Served with a traditional wedge of lemon. They’re so quick and easy to make and delicious.


What I did discover for the first time, however, was an Austrian potato salad. This wasn’t universally enjoyed in the house, but I loved it. To make it, boil up some potatoes in chicken stock, white wine vinegar and water. When they’re done, drain them retaining the cooking juices. Take half the potatoes and mash them with a little of the cooking juice, some more white wine vinegar and some oil and mustard. Mix in some chopped chives and red onion and them mix in with the remaining cooked potatoes. If you want a proper recipe with measurements there were lots to chose from through Google. I really enjoyed the acidity of the salad, but Mr Eaternational who is nether a fan of mustard or vinegar was (not unsurprisingly) not too keen.


In terms of desert, I’d had one picked out for a while in my head, which was Kaiserscharrn, but standing in the middle of the supermarket yesterday, all I could remember was cherries. Which is weird because there are no cherries in kaiserschmarrn. So I ended up making a cherry and almond strudel. Which was, to be kind, pretty bland so the less said the better. Still, it looks pretty….



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