Andorra, I have learnt, is a tiny land-locked country high in the Pyrenees mountains between France and Spain.It’s population is more than six times smaller than Manchester. It’s 468 square km in size (Manchester City Centre is 115 square km for comparison).

Food-wise, it takes influence from French and Spanish cuisines. It’s a very mountainous region and so they’re limited in terms of farming. Sheep and Pig are raised, and a lot of vegetables. The main foods seem to be meaty stews and desserts based around crema catalana.

For lunch today, I went with a traditional Pa Amb Tomàquet, rustic bread grilled, then rubbed with garlic and tomato. I love how countries in this region just take good quality ingredients and don’t tinker with them! This is such an easy lunch to make and tastes delicious. I ate it with some Iberico ham and cheese. (I’ve just realised that the bread on the photo looks like it has a big patch of mould on it! It’s just one of the holes in the soda bread).

tom bread tomato bread

For our evening meal, we tried out Trinxat, another traditional dish made from cabbage, potato and bacon. You need to boil up equal quantities of potato and cabbage then mash them up. Add in some crispy streaky bacon and a clove of minced garlic and season. Heat some oil up and then press the mixture into a pan. You’re suppose to cook each side for about 10 minutes and it will magically slide out of the pan (needless to say that didn’t happen and the ‘slice’ in the picture took some re-assembling!).


For dessert, a lovely crema catalana was in order. The French and Spanish argue over whether creme brulee or crema catalana was invented first. It doesn’t matter, I say, just pick up a spoon and tuck in. The difference between the two is that crema catalana is cooked on stove and contains cinnamon and lemon zest for a subtle tang.

crema 1crema 2


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