Tonight we’ve eaten a dish called chakchoucha, some lamb and traditional Algerian cous cous.

Cous cous is the national dish of Algeria. I made a traditional one with saffron, raisins and mint. It was really nice; I love the taste saffron gives things.  The lamb was SO tasty. We bought a shoulder and smoked it in a Bradley Smoker out in the shed (using cherry and pecan wood). It tasted like it had been spit roast, but was so tender.

lamb    lambcous

I’ve eaten chakchoucha before in a Moroccan meal so I knew it was going to be tasty. It’s such a simple dish to make and pretty healthy too. It’s a tomato based sauce with onion, coriander, garlic, chilli, parsley and paprika. You can also add in peppers but I forgot to buy some. Once the sauce has reduced down, you make little wells and crack in some eggs. I then baked in an oven proof dish for about 15 minutes until the eggs have poached. The eggs are gorgeous, and there’s a lovely sauce for the cous cous.


Earlier this week I made a quick and easy dish from Algeria called Tamina. It’s made from toasted semolina, butter and honey and is decorated with cinnamon. It made me realise how much we rely on super sweet, fatty puddings in this country! Apparently children in Algeria go mad for this dish as it’s very sweet to them, but to my palate it wasn’t at all.