According to my old passport I’ve been to Albania! I vaguely remember a day-trip to Sarande on the coast on a Greek holiday. My main memory was seeing a lot of 1980s BMWs being driven around, but no memories of the food.


For my Albanian dish, I noticed walnuts were a recurring theme in a lot of recipes. I decided to go with walnuts and make an Albanian walnut cake. The muffins were great for breakfast; a nice sharpness from the lemon zest, with a lovely nutty flavour. The cakes were made with natural yoghurt which gave them a nice tang.


I also made a traditional Albanian chicken dish served with rice called Gjellė me Arra which is chicken coated in a sauce made with walnuts, raw garlic and LOTS of butter. It was ok… perhaps a bit dry considering all the butter involved, but interesting nontheless.