The Plan!

Living in the leafy suburbs of Cheshire has its advantages, but living close to a range of international restaurants is not one of them. On a recent trip to London, I managed to consume food from 14 different nations in the space of 72 hours (and gain 5lb in the process). One of our meals was at an amazing restaurant, Pasha, in Camberwell, London ( which serves food from Kyrgyzstan – a country which, I’ll be honest, I’d never even heard of. Inspired by this foray into world cuisine, I set myself a challenge of cooking a meal from every country of the world. I’m not giving myself a time limit for this as I’d rather enjoy the experience rather than rush so it may take some time.

globe 2

The first hurdle was to find a complete list of countries of the world; not as easy as I first thought. According the wikipedia there are 206 ‘sovereign states’, the UN has 193 members, The US government recognises 195 countries. For ease of reference I’m going to use the UN member states ( First stop Afghanistan…..


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