Iranian food, also known as Persian food, is a mixture of rice, meat and fruits seasoned with warming spices including saffron. I decided to make a rice dish called Tahchin which is a… Continue reading


I’m really enjoying working my way through the ‘i’ countries – there’s a high proportion of Asian countries and I LOVE Asian food! Though I’ve never been to Indonesia, I’ve eaten at Indonesian… Continue reading


On a wet Saturday afternoon we set about making an Indian feast! I made chicken pasanda which, according to Wikipedia, was a meal served in the court of Mughal emperors and comes from… Continue reading


Iceland seems big on meat; sea birds, shark, sheep and fish all feature heavily in their diet, along with dairy products. I spent a while trying to find a recipe that I thought… Continue reading


We visited Budapest for Christmas 2013 and I’d say at least half of my photos are of food and food markets! Chimney cake in St Stephens Square, mulled wine, marzipan, goulash on the… Continue reading


Ooops… I had my Honduran meal over 5 months ago but completely forgot to write it up. It’s been a busy few months but I DO remember this being really tasty and I… Continue reading


My Haitian meal was absolutely delicious! I made a pork dish called Griots which is traditionally served at family events and parties. I took some pork shoulder and diced it, before marinading it… Continue reading


Though Guyana is on the mainland of South America, it is also classed as part of the Caribbean due to its shared culture and heritage. It is a very ethnically diverse country after… Continue reading

Guinea Bissau

Guinea Bissau is yet another country in West Africa. Reading about it makes for sad reading; lack of education and illiteracy if rife and the death rate is high from preventable causes. Food… Continue reading


Searching for Guinean recipes is hard. There are too many Guinea countries, plus Guinea Pigs and Guinea Fowl thrown into the mix… Being another West African country, I’ve got the same problem as… Continue reading