I have to say, Kazakhstan’s Wikipedia article about its food did NOT make my mouth water. The Kazakhs are big horse meat eaters and dishes include boiled horse meat, horse organ sausage, smoked… Continue reading


My Jordanian meal has to one of my favourite so far. So simple but so delicious. I made a dish called Musakhan which is, in a nutshell, chicken and onion on a flat… Continue reading


I love Japanese food so I was very excited to cook a Japanese meal. We eat Japanese food quite often; ramen is a weekly meal at home, as are gyoza, and we make… Continue reading


It was a quick decision as to what to cook for our Jamaican meal; Jerk Chicken, Rice and Peas! I rubbed some chicken legs with jerk seasoning and left them to marinade in… Continue reading


Italian food is one of my favourites; a celebration of pure, fresh, unadulterated ingredients. There were so many potential Italian dishes I could have made for my Italian meal including fresh pasta, creamy… Continue reading


We were fortunate enough to visit Israel earlier this year and my food memories are shashuka for breakfast, Jaffa oranges from Jaffa, Arabic coffee and sweets in the old town of Jerusalem and… Continue reading


I have to say I wasn’t feeling inspired by Irish food… I’ve cut out pork from my diet and I’m not a fan of stews so I decided to make a range of… Continue reading


Researching Iraqi food I stumbled upon an article written by a young soldier stationed in Iraq during the war, and a delicious sounding chicken dish she used to eat from a shop on… Continue reading


Iranian food, also known as Persian food, is a mixture of rice, meat and fruits seasoned with warming spices including saffron. I decided to make a rice dish called Tahchin which is a… Continue reading


I’m really enjoying working my way through the ‘i’ countries – there’s a high proportion of Asian countries and I LOVE Asian food! Though I’ve never been to Indonesia, I’ve eaten at Indonesian… Continue reading